Tuesday, September 7, 2010

16TH Birthday! (:

Blog has been kinda dead for some time. Well, have to thank these friends for making my day special. (:
Thanks sister for the birthday STITCH! <3

Thank you XinHao! (:

Thank you Zoe! <3

Thanks Marcus! :D

Thank you Jeremy! ((:

Thanks for this birthday clover! <3

Thanks for making me look so small, MARC!

Thank you WenQian DARLING! :D

Thanks BaoCheng! :D

Thank youuuu!

Thanks boyfr for this sketch! <3

Seriously my best sister. <3

Really have to thank them, taking time off & cheering me up on my birthday! It has been a tough year. But with them around, it'll definitely make me stronger. Really enjoyed my day loveys! Thanks a lot a lot! A million thanks! (: