Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finally 17!

Just arrived at ShangHai. Second time I went to ShangHai alone. However, I'm super happy before I boarded the plane! It's 7Sept today and it was 6Sept when my birthday was celebrated.
This year, I was really surprised by Kelvin, QiSheng, Alvin & my precious darling WenQian for turning up at my place early in the morning giving me a surprise! (: Thanks sweethearts!
& this year, I also had my birthday celebrated at the airport. Thank you babes and hunks! (ShuWen, Vanessa, HweeCheng, Jeslyn, Amanda, YunYue, Chris & ZhiHao) for making my day awesome and also staying behind to wait for my departure. Really greatly appreciated! <3 I'll never forget all these! (:

Darling & her guy(:

BirthdayCard from the girls!

Gift from the girls!

Birthday cake from the girls! <3 IT WAS REAL SWEEEEEET.

Zhi Hao!


YunYue & Amanda! <3

The girls & my grandparents(:

Gift from Joey!

Birthday cake from the guys!

The guys at my place early in the morning!