Monday, July 16, 2012

Love songs doesn't last.

Really feel like blogging today at this time. I can't get to sleep. Nights like this just makes me think a lot.

When things are down, everything goes down together. In every aspect, it's just goes all the way down. Really cannot imagine how typical it can be. Families can just get into quarrels and fights just because of money. People just judge you. People just out to lie to you. Been long I feel like this. Like really down but know what I'm doing.

There are really times I wish to move out of my place cause I'm really feeling upset and stuff like that. I wanna just stop thinking of everything and just move out. But I just can't bear to leave my grandparents alone. It's really hard. The whole family. As well as when we're with our relatives, everything can just fall apart. I guess this is how vulnerable things are.

Just when that happens, I got to find out about some facts that I've always been kept in the dark. How do you expect me to even trust? When I believe that there's someone there for me, I was wrong. Totally wrong. They're just the same. It's time I put a stop. Because they all the same type of people. They all lied.

Everywhere you go, people just judge you. Even if you did nothing, they judge. When you do something, yet also judge. This is how tough life is. Life will never ever be perfect without any problems. So looks like we've got to just protect ourselves, suck it up and move on.

Well. I think I may post again tomorrow. For now, I just wanna take a break of my own and relax myself to bed. Goodnight people!