Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 2010 (:

& yes! For the whole of December, I was busy working and working and working together with Joey. & ugh, underage selling chocolates and beer. Gosh. It's not a good thing cause we'll have to entertain those customers. ): Worst thing, we end work at almost midnight everyday and start work at 11am in the morning. So this routine has been going on for about~ 1 month plus? & ohyes! Wen Qian celebrated her birthday at our workplace as we couldn't take off. I've got pictures! (:
Log cake from our boss(:

They are the managers! & the parrot drinks beer! (:

& she's Joey!

Event organizers & that tomato! :D


& yes, she celebrated her birthday with us! <3

Goodness, these few weeks of work really makes us fat! Imagine us eating MosBurger like everyday for lunch and dinner! Gotta go on diet already~ But overall, had fun working and nice knowing the people there! (: