Monday, July 16, 2012

Love songs doesn't last.

Really feel like blogging today at this time. I can't get to sleep. Nights like this just makes me think a lot.

When things are down, everything goes down together. In every aspect, it's just goes all the way down. Really cannot imagine how typical it can be. Families can just get into quarrels and fights just because of money. People just judge you. People just out to lie to you. Been long I feel like this. Like really down but know what I'm doing.

There are really times I wish to move out of my place cause I'm really feeling upset and stuff like that. I wanna just stop thinking of everything and just move out. But I just can't bear to leave my grandparents alone. It's really hard. The whole family. As well as when we're with our relatives, everything can just fall apart. I guess this is how vulnerable things are.

Just when that happens, I got to find out about some facts that I've always been kept in the dark. How do you expect me to even trust? When I believe that there's someone there for me, I was wrong. Totally wrong. They're just the same. It's time I put a stop. Because they all the same type of people. They all lied.

Everywhere you go, people just judge you. Even if you did nothing, they judge. When you do something, yet also judge. This is how tough life is. Life will never ever be perfect without any problems. So looks like we've got to just protect ourselves, suck it up and move on.

Well. I think I may post again tomorrow. For now, I just wanna take a break of my own and relax myself to bed. Goodnight people!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Woke up just because of electives selection.
The system's really lagging so much! Oh gosh.
Well, felt like posting!

Many things happened throughout the past few days which made me realise who can be trusted and who cannot be. It's like. A sentence, a word or an action can just allow two person to fall out just like that. It's totally ridiculous! Knowing the consequences and still doing so. That's even worse isn't it? I'm feeling so unfair for them.

Oh, & yesterday was CCN. Really happy cause there's sales and that we didn't make a loss. That's really really good and it's a very happy thing. So proud of the IG. :D Well done babes and hunks! Hehe, & received flowers yesterday. Thanks to people who knows that I like flowers! :')

Alrighttt, AM project is like due on Monday and I haven't even do anything about it. Gosh, time to rush it all out this weekend. Gonna work hard! Going for field trip later and Singapore Arts Festival tonight. Hope to be home early. I'm really tired after yesterdayyy.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Try reviving.

Hasn't been posting for quite a long time. Blog seems kind of dead. Okay, I mean it's dead.
Well, weeks have passed. Overall freshmen orientation is over. Now, it's time for the LRM freshmen orientation that is approaching on coming Friday. This week's gonna be packed and I'll be having the total busy status.

A rainy sunday to end off the week. Having some mood swings today. This is bad. Haven't been doing anything much this weekend. Airport on a Friday night and ended up being so tired the next dayyy. Went out to have dinner with cousin as well as Jacqueline last night instead of going for the wedding dinner. Spent like 140$ plus on a dinner. Had like a few dishes in Watami and hopped to another restaurant for Ramen and gyoza. Really really full. We were suppose to be enjoying dinner and yet ended up suffering cause we ate too much. What an irony. As for today. Was planning to go out. BUT. It rained. Totally killed my plan. This is really really sad. & there's school tomorrow. I kind of start to dislike school now. & it's another bad bad thing. So stressful! I don't mind lectures. But tutorials are really really boring. Can totally make me fall asleep. Sigh.

Shall not say much today first. :)
Bye blog!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Numix Chae Chalaga Chae Chae Chae Chalaga!

Just came back from class chalet as well as an awesome SL camp! :) Been kind of busy for the past 2 weeks. Well, main events were that I was in hospital, I went Malaysia, I went SL camp & I went class chalet! :) So, let's talk about the happy ones! :)

Haha, I really had a good time in the camp, easpecially with my most beloved empire, NUMIX.
So, day1, we had like dirty games where all of us rolled in sesame oil, flour etc. Overall, it was dirty and we managed to survive through that! :) AS ANANANANANNNNNEMPIRE. :D I am very sure the first day was one of the most tiring day of the camp!
Day2, we went out of school to get breakfast and learnt cheers and also had battle of the sexes at night. I think if nobody remind me of the cheers, I would have forgotten it like totally. Omg. Haha, now I can remember all the cheers!
Day3, we went out of school for games and then came back to TP for wet games! & that was really perfect with that HOT weather! HAHAHA. Iloveit. :) & the day goes on...
When the camp ends, few of us went to CPF building to have 'dinner' and sat down fr a chat before heading home. :)
I'll never forget the happy and wonderful times I've had with them... NUMIX!


I'm really happy to be with them for Sem1.1&1.2. They're really nice people who cares and shares no matter what happens. To be honest, our class is really somehow bonded. :) Although there are cliques all around which is normal, we still care for everyone in the class.
So, met KahYong (our SL in week 0) at around 2plus and headed for the class chalet at NSRCC. OHYEAH. & Mr Gevin Png came! He's so nice! Awww.. :) After which later in the night, we played mahjong. & my face was so red like a tomato. So awkward~ Those that played mahjong with me would know what happened. HAHAHA. Left the chalet at around 9plus in the night. I really really love 1K02'AY11/12. Let's hope we'll have a chance to have class outing and stuff soon again! <3

& of course, I'm getting all nervous and scared for the new class we'll all be having in Sem2.1. Well, I wish everyone all the best alright! :)

Busy busy week!

OKAY. I promise to post tomorrow about this busy week! :)
Goodnight people!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm really tired these days, so I shall post maybe tomorrow or so. :)
Goodnight people!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Running Man.

Same routine for yesterday and today! To watch running man! :) it was really funny. Didn't regret watching it. :) Well, has been kind of busy because of running man these 2 days.
Met Bernard for lunch today though. & we went to book court for next week! Been long since the last time we meet up! & we've realized that each other changed so much! We're like becoming the same type of people with very little emotions. I hope he don't get influence by me though! Cause it's definitely not a good thing~

Kay, it's time for bed! Goodnight people! :)