Saturday, May 19, 2012

Woke up just because of electives selection.
The system's really lagging so much! Oh gosh.
Well, felt like posting!

Many things happened throughout the past few days which made me realise who can be trusted and who cannot be. It's like. A sentence, a word or an action can just allow two person to fall out just like that. It's totally ridiculous! Knowing the consequences and still doing so. That's even worse isn't it? I'm feeling so unfair for them.

Oh, & yesterday was CCN. Really happy cause there's sales and that we didn't make a loss. That's really really good and it's a very happy thing. So proud of the IG. :D Well done babes and hunks! Hehe, & received flowers yesterday. Thanks to people who knows that I like flowers! :')

Alrighttt, AM project is like due on Monday and I haven't even do anything about it. Gosh, time to rush it all out this weekend. Gonna work hard! Going for field trip later and Singapore Arts Festival tonight. Hope to be home early. I'm really tired after yesterdayyy.